My Books

I only have a handful of published books at the moment, but more are being added all the time!

Fuck Me Boots

Amanda is having a hard time making ends meet at college. A chance encounter at a church bake sale introduces her to the handsome Pastor Ronald Green, a man whose wife is not tending to his needs. The two of them reach an agreement: in exchange for money, Ronald gets to spend the night with Amanda and live out his every kinky desire.

Will Amanda go through with the night of passion? What will Ronald make her do for the money? Will the Pastor’s plain wife catch them in the act?

6.9 on the Fucked-Her Scale

Hard loving in the time of a natural disaster!

LA is about to be hit by an earthquake, but that is nothing compared to the rocking the office of Skipp and Jorg will be doing! Emma is a driven professional; Brad is a hot young lawyer who always makes time for a good time. The two of them are trapped inside an office building alone, each holding a secret desire for the other.

Can Brad teach Emma to loosen up? Can Emma shake of the loneliness of focusing on work for all these years? Will they make it out alive or fully clothed?

The Little Fellow

Roy Cuntington is not your everyday garden gnome. Some say he is a sexual deviant, others say he is an extremely crude and vulgar character. Most agree that he is an extremely well hung individual. Roy’s daily grind is about to get a shake up when newcomer Sheila visits the farm. Normally content to spy on Mrs Johnson in the shower while masturbating, Roy’s got his sights on Sheila a saucy looking blond stunner – only she cannot stand him. Can he turn her around?

Is he man enough to give Sheila everything she needs?

Serving Parole with my Hole

Things were going well for Amanda until she was crossed by a close friend. She had an active sex life and a steady job. When her friend betrays her, Lisa lashes out, landing herself in jail.  After being released on parole, she finds her parole officer has a thing for young girls who are off the rails. She is humiliated, paraded and turned on!

Amanda is used to being the master of her own destiny, will her dominatrix parole officer let her off (or get her off!) easily?

The Nineteenth Hole

Warwick is tired of being pushed around by his overly bossy, but overly hot girlfriend Jessie. A chance encounter at a mini golf course introduces him to a young stud named Fergus. There is something about Fergus that stirs some unknown feelings in him.  He has never even considered fucking a man before, but when he catches Fergus masturbating he can’t just walk away. He must join in the fun and get some pleasure for himself.

Should he act on his instincts and let Fergus show him how to love a man? What does this mean for Jessie?

Cleaning His Clock

Sophie is an overlooked, under-appreciated housemaid working for Richard Brash, a semi-successful businessman who whose career, love-life and parental role has fallen on hard times. The two of them have always had a thing for each other but due to their circumstances, neither has acted on it… until now.

When Richard walks in on Sophie in a house where she thought she was alone it triggers an encounter between that neither is will to pass up. Aside from the professional relationship they are breaching, there is also the curiosity of interracial sex.

Will it be everything they thought it would be? Will they get caught?


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