About laylabangs

Layla Bangs is a 30 year old female living in Christchurch, New Zealand. When not dodging earthquakes she loves writing saucy short stories. Although new to the published erotica game, she takes her craft very seriously and is not above carrying out research to ensure the words put to paper are as accurate as possible!

So it’s been a while

So I’ve been busy, first my laptop destroyed itself, then I had some work stuff to get through. But I’m back! I’ve put out some new books, mostly exclusive to Amazon. My latest book is called Business Client Gang Bang, it’s part 3 of a series called “My Wife Loves to Gang Bang”. I’m thinking about part 4 at the moment, it may involve a football game, a locker room and a whole bunch of horny, sweaty, muscly guys and our star of the show Karen!

Business Client Gang Bang is about a Business proposal that falls through, and the gang bang that saves the day. Check it out on Amazon.

Come Fuck Me after Class

Another week, another new book to my growing collection of smut! Check the coupons page for a discount!

Come Fuck me After Class

Jacqui’s grades are slipping as she finds herself focusing more on Mr Fisher her Professor instead of her grades. He is everything she wants from a man: hot, witty and oozing charisma. The fact that he can change her grades on a whim doesn’t hurt either! If only she could focus in class instead of imaginging herself bent over a desk with Mr Fisher… maybe they can meet a compromise?

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you have been watching me… I know you want me, and I know you don’t want to fail. The way I see it, we both win” Jacqui didn’t require any extra encouragement and before Sam could rattle off any more reasons as to why she should fuck him, she pulled him in close so his crotch with his fast expanding cock was resting on her upper thigh. She took a deep breath in, letting the sweet smell of his cologne flood her nostrils. Just his scent was enough to make her moist, but having a cock that she had lusted over press into her abdomen made her weak at the knees. She grabbed his athletic ass, her hands kneading it as her mouth found its way to his.

Servicing the Princess

New book time!

He stood in awe of Penelope, legs open ready to receive him. It would be him delivering a package soon. Penelope could see his meat stir in his pants, before rising to attention before her, practically tearing a hole through the worn material of his trousers. Her eyes followed the curves of his body; she paid particular attention to his exposed, ripped forearms and the open collar of his shirt, revealing a small tuft of sandy chest hair covering his bulging pectorals. She could take no more, she had spent countless hours pining over his body and now it was time to act on her lust.

Princess Penelope is tired of living the high life, being born into the royal family means that she has yet to fuck anyone except herself. As she begins to notice William, a rugged farm hand who has an eye for her she quickly comes up with a plan to fuck him and get some action for herself!

This book is not for the faint hearted. It contains hand jobs, cunnilingus, blow jobs and deep penetration with a royal!

Alone with the Wolfman

Well its been a labor of love but it’s finally finished. My first Werewolf story! I already have a few ideas for a follow up. I must say I have become attached to the main character Joe. The book is currently available at Smashwords, with Amazon sure to follow soon!

Joe knows he is different from the other guys at his College. He is disinterested in women, comparatively small when compared with the other guys and verging on anti-social. But when his only friend Damien takes him camping in the woods, his true self is revealed.

Joe has always had a hidden crush on Damien, his athletic, rugged best friend. Although polar opposites of each other, when they are attacked in the woods Joe reveals his true nature, and is pleasantly surprised by the little secret Damien has been keeping from him!

Joe has a lot to take in, discovering the fact he can transform into a Werewolf; coming out to (and coming in!) his best friend.

My first bundle!

I’m excited to announce my first bundle! It’s a compilation of 3 of my favourite stories, all with a theme of people in positions of power using their stature to have sex… purely consensual of course!

Fuck Me Boots is my first book, it seems so long ago. It’s a story of a pastor who forms an agreement with a college student in order to escape from the boring marriage he has.

Serving Parole with my Hole (my favourite book title!) is about a naughty girl who finds herself on the wrong end of her sexy dominatrix parole officer.

Cleaning His Clock is my latest story about a black housemaid who ends up serving under her employer in a very sexy romp.

I’ll update this post with links (and a coupon of course) when it’s made it through the tubes at Amazon.