Come Fuck Me after Class

Another week, another new book to my growing collection of smut! Check the coupons page for a discount!

Come Fuck me After Class

Jacqui’s grades are slipping as she finds herself focusing more on Mr Fisher her Professor instead of her grades. He is everything she wants from a man: hot, witty and oozing charisma. The fact that he can change her grades on a whim doesn’t hurt either! If only she could focus in class instead of imaginging herself bent over a desk with Mr Fisher… maybe they can meet a compromise?

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you have been watching me… I know you want me, and I know you don’t want to fail. The way I see it, we both win” Jacqui didn’t require any extra encouragement and before Sam could rattle off any more reasons as to why she should fuck him, she pulled him in close so his crotch with his fast expanding cock was resting on her upper thigh. She took a deep breath in, letting the sweet smell of his cologne flood her nostrils. Just his scent was enough to make her moist, but having a cock that she had lusted over press into her abdomen made her weak at the knees. She grabbed his athletic ass, her hands kneading it as her mouth found its way to his.


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