Servicing the Princess

New book time!

He stood in awe of Penelope, legs open ready to receive him. It would be him delivering a package soon. Penelope could see his meat stir in his pants, before rising to attention before her, practically tearing a hole through the worn material of his trousers. Her eyes followed the curves of his body; she paid particular attention to his exposed, ripped forearms and the open collar of his shirt, revealing a small tuft of sandy chest hair covering his bulging pectorals. She could take no more, she had spent countless hours pining over his body and now it was time to act on her lust.

Princess Penelope is tired of living the high life, being born into the royal family means that she has yet to fuck anyone except herself. As she begins to notice William, a rugged farm hand who has an eye for her she quickly comes up with a plan to fuck him and get some action for herself!

This book is not for the faint hearted. It contains hand jobs, cunnilingus, blow jobs and deep penetration with a royal!


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