Cleaning His Clock

Book number six is now on Smashwords ( and is being uploaded to Amazon. I was hoping to have this book available earlier this week, but unfortunately life got in the way. I now have three stories that would probably make a good bundle, so I should really get to it! Check the coupons page for a new release discount!

Cleaning His Clock
Sophie is an overlooked, under-appreciated housemaid working for Richard Brash, a semi-successful businessman who whose career, love-life and parental role has fallen on hard times. The two of them have always had a thing for each other but due to their circumstances, neither has acted on it… until now.

When Richard walks in on Sophie in a house where she thought she was alone it triggers an encounter between that neither is will to pass up. Aside from the professional relationship they are breaching, there is also the curiosity of interracial sex.

Will it be everything they thought it would be? Will they get caught?


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